ATM4SALE can help with the remote monitoring of your fleet for all the major brands. This includes Triton and Hyosung ATMs. The benefits of remote monitoring include, but are not limited to:

  • Allowing machine details to be updated without visiting site;
    • Transaction fee,
    • Screen name,
    • Advertisements,
    • Coupons, and much more.
  • The ability to see what the remaining cash-float within the machine is;
    • Plan your next round of cashing
    • Be more efficient in the management of your fleet
    • Identify if your customers are failing to cash your equipment
    • Reconcile your accounts
  • Trouble-shooting
    • Allow us to identify if there is an error with your machine
    • Remote access can often allow us to service your equipment without you having to visit site
    • Customer unclear in the error the machine has? Allow us to get clarification for you
    • Receive an email outlining the machine error – when and if it happens
    • Reduce machine downtime
  • Backup and mitigate risk
    • Store the machine’s journal information remotely and safely
    • Back up important machine activity

Remote access with ATM4SALE is easy and comes with 24-hour tech (phone) support for your equipment. Simply contact Leigh and report any issues you are experiencing with your equipment. This will allow our team to notify you what the issue is with your equipment and how best to solve the issue.

Remote monitoring is affordable at only:

  • $20.00 / machine (min 5 machines)
  • $15.00 / machine (min 20 machines)
  • $12.50 / machine (21 machines+)

All the above charges include GST and are charged out monthly. All remote monitoring fees are direct debited from your nominated account on the third business day of each month or if combined with our switching service can be direct debited from each machine’s account.

Contact me for more information today.