Switching/Processing & Payments

What can we provide?

ATM4SALE can supply all modem and cabling equipment required to stage your ATM for use. This includes a Systech modem, ethernet cables, antenna, power cable and the channelling of these cables so they are ready for us.

Given your requirements each ATM can be prepped for site including;

  • Site name
  • Transaction fee
  • Images/Ads
  • Coupons
  • Terminal ID

How does it work?

ATM4SALE can perform the above works whether you choose to rely on us for the switching and backend management of your account or not. Should you rely on us for the management of the accounts side of your ATM then we can supply the modem and competitive switching rates. Should you wish to manage this side of the ATM yourself then we expect that all the materials for modem staging be supplied to our processing warehouse in Melbourne.


Switching and processing through us brings with it a high number of benefits.

  • We coordinate the order and supply of modems (we carry stock)
  • We coordinate the backend of the ATM (bank accounts) at the time of staging the equipment
  • Should we perform any installations, de-installations, or events for you then the backend changes can be performed at the same time.
  • The backend maintenance of your fleet’s banking is included in the switching rate
  • Allow us to help manage your;
    • Chargebacks
    • ATM disputes
    • End consumer inquiries
  • Money clears next business day into the account cashing the equipment